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Travel Hacking Series Part 3 – Rental Cars and the Little Extras

Now that you have booked your flight and accommodations, your travel hacking is done right? Not quite. There are a still a few little things that you can do to save even more money while on your trip. Car Rental If you do need a car on your trip there are ways to get them […]

Travel Hacking Series Part 2 – Accommadations

Where to stay: Hotel or Vacation Rental Home? With the popularity of vacation rental home websites like AirBnB, VRBO and Homeaway, there are so many more options for a traveler than just a hotel. Deciding which accommodation is the best for your family and your wallet is the hard part. Both of them have a […]

Travel Hacking Series Part 1 – Flights

White sand beaches, warm skin, streaks of turquoise and sapphire paint the ocean floor, toes that curl and grip as the board bobs and sways…welcome to paradise.  Or maybe it is hot cocoa to warm the core, toes and fingers still tingling, a steady drip of slush that falls to the floor, and a panorama […]