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The bill that totally stinks!

Trash: something discarded or useless.  It is an unfortunate reality that we have to pay for our trash.  This monthly (or semi-monthly) expenditure can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.  But it doesn’t have to be. When we bought our home eight years ago, I called up Waste Management (our local trash collector) and scheduled […]

Recipes that are under $2 a serving

We have busy lives.  We work, we entertain our kids, we clean the house, we exercise, etc.  Sometimes cooking a healthy meal is just too much.  There is no more energy to think of a healthy recipe, let alone move our arms to create a delicious meal.  Hence the growing trend to rely on restaurants […]

The Grocery Budget is my Nemesis

I think the hardest budget category for me to manage and save money on is food.  We used to spend between $800-$900 a month on groceries (insert shocked emoji face here).  I think we are a pretty typical family when it comes to what groceries we buy.  We mostly (80%) buy organic, a little bit […]