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We’ve Jumped Into Real Estate Investing!!

Well, we’ve gone and done it. We’ve lunged into the world of rental real estate. It’s something I’ve wanted to pursue for years but just never got around to pulling the trigger.  The idea came back into my mind as we’re pursuing financial independence as aggressively as we can, and income from rental properties can […]

Why I’m Not Saving for My Kids College Education

We used to save for our daughter’s college.  We got a 529 and contributed monthly.  We did this because this is what you are supposed to do, right?  Then we started to do some research on this subject and we changed our minds about saving money for our kid’s college. I had been programmed to […]

Financial Independence Retire Early

Financial Independence Retire Early.  FIRE.  Sounds great on paper.  Who doesn’t want to become financially independent and pursue the things they are most passionate about with no stress of how they will earn money?  Easier said than done, right? When I first started reading about this concept, this lifestyle, I thought there was no way I […]